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Police lineup

I’m very fond of David Bogner and Treppenwitz, and this post is inspired partly by his weekly “Photo Friday” feature (before I knew that he had a culinary theme this week too), and partly by the comments on this post a few months back about the ingredients of my hamin.

twelve eggs, a sweet potato, a head of garlic, some kind of green turnip, a regular turnip, four potatoes, a cut of meat, a kishke, a chilli pepper, and a jar of wheat grains

Here is everything which went into the hamin yesterday (not including water and spices. Oh, and only six of those eggs ended up going in). Fourth from the left in the row of vegetables is the lefet which I usually use, which I decided earlier was a turnip, and third from the left is something that I have never seen before which appeared in the supermarket, calling itself a tzenon yarok (צנון ירוק). Is this a rutabaga?

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