Dateline Las Cruces, NM

On the sixth day of our road trip, we at last have the luxury of an RV park with wireless internet access, and I managed to catch up with some percentage of the hundreds of emails that have been accumulating.

So far we have camped in Hollister Hills, Ciasta Lake, Joshua Tree National Park, Phoenix, AZ (where the site we booked by phone, and who interrogated us in detail about the size and age of our RV, but forgot to ask until we got there whether we had children in the party, and when they discovered that we did, forced us to look elsewhere, so we ended up missing the Friday night service we wanted to attend at Ruach Hamidbar), Willcox, AZ, and tonight at Las Cruces, NM.

Plans for next week: El Paso, Carlsbad Caverns, Santa Fe, the Four Corners area, and some of the National Parks in Utah.