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RSS Changes II

I emailed Blogger support and they changed the RSS feed URI manually back to The problem is that my <link> element, which uses a <$BlogSiteFeedURL$> tag (following their instructions) still points to, and I strongly suspect, without daring to make the experiment, that if I make any other changes to the feed settings it will go back to writing to that file. I explained this to them, and asked if they could solve the problem by making a symmlink, and they responded

I would suggest that you change the <$BlogSiteFeedURL$>
tag in your template to the actual link, since we cannot
assign both of these filenames to your account.

I don’t get it: the status quo is that both files exist, they aren’t about to allocate one to another user, and changing one to be a symmlink to the other would actually save them disk space. Things like this make me want to install Moveable Type or WordPress or something so I can be in control of my own settings, and so does the fact that I am typing this whole post a second time after it vanished into limbo when I tried to publish it the first time. Do any of my six readers have any relevant experience or advice?