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Some news stories

July 15th, 2003:

America Online on Tuesday said it has laid off 50 employees involved in Web browser development at its Netscape Communications subsidiary amid a reorganization of its Mozilla open-source browser team …

The layoffs come as the loose group, which had overseen the open-source development efforts of the Mozilla browser, transforms itself into a nonprofit foundation.

November 9th, 2004:

The Mozilla Foundation has released version 1.0 of its Firefox browser, an open-source product that has generated lofty expectations that it will offer real competition to Microsoft’s ubiquitous Internet Explorer.

A preview release of the Firefox browser available since last month has been downloaded over eight million times, the Mozilla Foundation says in a press release this week.

Firefox 1.0 is available in 12 languages for Microsoft’s Windows, Apple Computer’s Mac OS X, and Linux. The product can be obtained through Mozilla’s Web site as a free download or in CD format with a user’s manual for $14.95.

The result of an open-source project, Firefox became a reality “thanks to the tireless efforts of hundreds of community volunteers and developers around the world,” the Mozilla Foundation says.

November 9th, 2004:

AOL revealed on Monday that it has begun a widespread restructuring into four distinct operating units, each with its own budget. In the wake of this reorganization, the company also has announced the departure of three high-level executives.

Psalm 7, 16

בּוֹר כָּרָה וַיַּחְפְּרֵהוּ וַיִּפֹּל בְּשַׁחַת יִפְעָל ׃

יָשׁוּב עֲמָלוֹ בְרֹאשׁוֹ וְעַל קָדְקֳדוֹ חֲמָסוֹ יֵרֵד ׃

אוֹדֶה יְהוָה כְּצִדְקוֹ וַאֲזַמְּרָה שֵׁם־יְהוָה עֶלְיוֹן ׃