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Hhanukka meme

From Talmida (and I’m sorry if it looks as if I cribbed a lot of the entries from her. There are reasons why we’re friends, you know):

8 interests in my life

  • Indonesian music
  • Biblical interpretation
  • Languages and scripts
  • Cryptic crosswords
  • Spirituality
  • Mountains
  • Theatre
  • Food and drink

8 things to do before I die

  • Visit the Far East
  • Get a part in a movie
  • Give up smoking
  • Take a skin-diving course
  • Learn sofrut
  • Read (at least some of) the Mahābhārata in the original
  • See the Canadian Rockies
  • Learn blues piano

8 books I read recently

This one is going to be a bit dull, because I have this habit of taking an author and working through him or her, especially when I’m unwell. Comfort reading.

  • G K Chesterton The Innocence of Father Brown
  • G K Chesterton The Wisdom of Father Brown
  • G K Chesterton The Incredulity of Father Brown
  • G K Chesterton The Secret of Father Brown
  • G K Chesterton The Scandal of Father Brown
  • G K Chesterton The Club of Queer Trades
  • James Kugel How to Read the Bible (working my way gradually through this one)
  • Joan Peters From Time Immemorial

8 films that mean something to me

  • Princess Bride
  • Chariots of Fire
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  • The Parent Trap (1998 version)
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Wings of Desire
  • Dead Poets Society

8 songs that mean something to me

  • Mr Fox — The Gypsy
  • Pete Atkin — Beware of the Beautiful Stranger
  • Bob Dylan — Simple Twist of Fate (and many others)
  • Noa (אחינעם ניני) — Wildflower, also Path To Follow and לאט כהולם הלב
  • Tejedor — Texendo Suaños
  • Ehud Banai (אהוד בנאי)‎ — שעה של מיסטורין
  • John Lennon — Woman
  • Leonard Cohen — Stranger Song